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2016 Rotoplas Annual Integrated Report

In America as in the entire world, more complex and volatile scenarios are coming, making those companies which attend the challenges and bet for the innovation as the main way of adaptation, the ones that stay put and establish social and economy value. 

Rotoplas firmly believes in innovation as the main resource to generate the best practices and processes to become the leader in the development and distribution of water and sanitation solutions to let people to have more and better water by an efficient and profitable way. 

The visual concept of the 2016 Annual Report aims to emphasize that Rotoplas is “In”, meaning that it gets in life style and development of towns, cities and countries, as the perfect partner to achieve social and economic development in different kinds of industries.

One of the most representative features of the element water, is its ability to take different physical states. As an analogy with corporative environment, Rotoplas is skillful to fit different surroundings and deal with continuous changes, what it gives the flexibility to fulfill market needs. 

Intelligent investment. Economic Performance.
Innovation & strategy. Creation of Value.
Involvement in development. Value Transfer.
Inclusion of talent. Our Team.
Integrity & leadership. Corporate Governance.
Inspiration for progress. Future Perspective.

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